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The Wilderness Speaks


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An elephant who hates kids. A rapping turtle. Two arguing twin rhinos. An animal lover. Dozens of hunters. When these all come together, a story forms. The animals of this world are being hunted down to extinction. They have hidden, they have fought, they have run away. Now, they turn to their last option: peace. They flock from all parts of the world, the oceans, the lands, the skies. They plea to the hunters to stop killing them. Elaine Dasher wants to help. She sets up a stage and sends flyers around the world to some of the most ruthless poachers. She asks the animals to talk to them. The only question is, will they listen?


More About Author :

Sania Jain is a book-loving, fun, excitable 13 year old. She was born in Texas and soon moved to California. She lives in San Jose with her parents and 7 year old brother. Since she was one, she loved reading books. She would come home from the library and start reading nonstop. When she is not writing poetry, Sania likes to play with her brother, sing, read, and watch television. Also, she can be found outdoors biking, hiking, or exploring. Sania's favorite singers are Katy Perry and Dove Cameron, her favorite color is teal, her favorite book series is Harry Potter, and her favorite food is Cookies' n Cream or Strawberry ice cream. Sania also enjoys traveling and never misses an opportunity to go. She has five book out (The Wilderness Speaks, Silicon Valley Butterflies, Lost in Cyberspace, The Great Forest Adventure and Painting Your Heart).

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