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Explorer Advanced | Apps Multi-platform (Android/IOS/Windows)

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12 Sessions | 30-45 mins per Session |  Ages 12-16 


The journey from an idea to a product

Learn how to take an idea, build a functioning application, and put it on the app store to be able to be used by you and others on their phone. 

This is an overview of the total app development cycle from an idea to the final app. To learn more about a specific topic, view the more in-depth course.

Expectations and Goals

The course will start with an idea for an app and will and continue with the app development throughout the progress of the course.

  1. Research - Learn how to research an idea
  2. Development Life Cycle - Learn how to create a development cycle
  3. Wireframe and Prototype - Learn how to sketch your idea (wireframe and prototype)
  4. Development and Development Tools - Learn how to develop the app and what tools are available to use
  5. App Organization - Learn how to organize your environment for future updates
  6. App Stores - Learn how to launch the app into the app store
  7. Teamwork and Releases - Learn how to work in a team and manage and update the app
  8. Entrepreneurship - Learn how to efficiently advertise your app

Required Material

Throughout the course, each session will display a list of required materials needed for that session. In all of the sessions, you will need

  • Laptop with an active internet connection

Course Schedule 




Session 1

App Research

Research App

Session 2

Development Life Cycle

Development Cycle 1

Session 3

Mockups and Wireframing

Sketching App

Session 4

App Prototyping

Sketching App

Session 5

App Development Tools

Developing App

Session 6

Programming App (Intro)

Developing App

Session 7

Testing App

Developing App

Session 8

Git Repositories

Organizing Environment

Session 9

Git Bash intro and Command Line

Organizing Environment

Session 10

Launching an app

App Store Launch

Session 11

App Store features/analytics

Manage and Update App

Session 12

Advertising Your App

App Advertisement

Overview and Descriptions

  • Research app
    • Talk about how to make ideas and research it and narrow ideas down.
  • Development Cycle
    • Agile Development
      • Talk about agile development and how to plan your development cycle
  • Sketching
    • Mockups, wireframing, prototypes
      • Talk about mockups and wireframing (lo fidelity prototyping)
      • Talk about working prototypes (hi-fidelity prototyping) 
  • Developing App
    • Programming and Tools
      • Talk about tools available for ios and android programming
      • Intro on programming an application
      • Intro to testing an application
  • Organize environment
    • Git Repositories
      • How to use Git for version control
      • How to use other repositories and version control
    • Git bash intro Command line
      • How to use a command line and git bash for version control
  • App Store launch
    • Process and features
      • How to launch an app and highlight key features and processes
  • Manage and update the app
    • App store features / Analytics
      • How to use features to update your apps and manage them using analytics
  • Advertise
    • How to advertise an app and get hits
      • How to properly advertise an app to get hits and downloads

     Course Outcome: Kids gain real-world basic knowledge of building and running apps. 

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