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Module 3 | Builder Program

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Welcome to Moonshot Junior’s Builder Module 3.

Now, your child has not only ideated and conceptualized their product but also conducted vital market research for finding its feasibility, acceptance, and profitability, they are ready to create the first prototype for their product and launch it on crowdfunding platforms along with various other e-commerce channels.

How do you help with creating and launching the product?

In the Builder Module 3 program, we assist your child in marketing their product, procuring materials for their product, building their product’s first prototype kit, deciding on e-commerce platforms, designing product packaging, and finally launching their product out into the world.

Why is entrepreneurship important?

Getting an early-start with entrepreneurship not only builds an impressive resume and kick-starts your child’s career in their chosen field it also takes your child through an extensive learning and developmental process that helps in imbibing skills that will be vital for them in the future

Why are STEAM skills important for children?

The STEAM-learning educational framework ensures that children can follow a future-forward path that ensures success and job-satisfaction in future gig economies and AI-dominated job markets. High-quality STEAM education is crucial in this era of large-scale AI and automation. Moreover, the STEAM framework is also shown to help children develop creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills as well.

What makes this program unique?

  • In-depth learning sessions with procurement experts
  • Marketing assistance
  • Product procurement assistance
  • Assistance in building the first prototype
  • Product design and packaging assistance
  • Assistance with a product launch on various e-commerce platforms.

Why should you enroll your child in the Builder Module 3 program?

Our expert-led sessions not only help your child with designing, packaging, and creating the prototypes for their products, but we also assist your child in successfully marketing and launching it as well. Moreover, the Builder Module 3  is the final step in the larger Builder program where your child successfully creates and launches their product on various e-commerce platforms.  

  • Assistance with marketing and product design
  • Direct interaction with highly-skilled procurement experts
  • Specialized sessions for building first prototypes
  • Direct one-to-one help from experts to launch the product

Why does your child need the Builder Module 3?

Learning the skills needed to run businesses at an early age can help your child stay focused and engaged in their fields of interest. Moreover, the experience of coming up with entrepreneurial ideas and actually designing, procuring, creating, and launching a product already gives your child a significant head start that can help them educationally and professionally later in life.  

What are the key features of the Builder Program?

  • 11 sessions with 30-40 hours of interactions with experts
  • Engaging interactions
  • Detailed assessments and evaluations
  • Pre and Post-enrolment sessions with children and parents
  • A report of your child’s journey and progression in this course

 Who is this course for?

  • Children between the ages 12-16
  • Children who have entrepreneurial ideas
  • Children looking to materialize their visions into tangible products and businesses
  • Children looking to start a business and give back to society with their creations

What sessions and subjects are included in the Builder program?

 The Builder Module 3 program includes 11 expert sessions on the areas described below.

Session 1 – Marketing Process -> Here, you and your child interact with our marketing experts to discuss and strategize marketing for their products. In this session, your child’s journey through the entire process of product ideation, creation, and launch are documented and published on various social media platforms to kick-start the marketing process.

Session 2 – 2 Learning sessions with procurement experts -> Here, your child learns how to procure components for any product. Second session guides them in procuring specific components for their own project. Based on these items your child will create the final add-on material that needs to be part of the kit.

Session 3 – Ordering Components -> Here, we assist you and your child in ordering the components for building the first prototype.

Session 4 – Building Prototype -> Here, our team of experts assist your child in assembling and building the first prototype kit for their product.  

Session 5 – Finalizing product launch platforms-> Here, you and your child decide the various e-commerce platforms and channels your child’s product will be marketed and sold on. (Crowdfunding platforms are optional)

Session 6 – Creating the Kit Launch Roadmap-> Here, we help your child in creating a product kit launch timeline so everything goes according to plan.

Session 7 – Design for Kit Packaging-> Here, we brief your child about the final product and its details. Our team of experts consult and discuss possible packaging designs with your child with a goal to make something that resonates with your child’s vision.

Session 8– Finalizing Kit Design-> Here, our design team works on the packaging design until you and your child are satisfied.

Session 9– Kit Development Budget-> Here, you receive the contract along with the kit development budget including inventory cost. 

Session 10– Kit Launch Checklist-> Here, we help your child create and corroborate a final checklist from all departments.

Session 11– Product Development Launch-> Congratulations, your child has finally launched their product! Here, you sit back and bask in their success and recognition knowing that they have successfully ideated, created, and launched their product.

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