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Module 2 | Innovator Program

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Welcome to Moonshot Junior’s Innovator Module 2.

Now that your child has a unique and innovative idea that can be turned into a product or a business, we help them with the most crucial stages of product creation including – product validation, product design, product conformation, market surveys, and more.  This module aims to kick-start the materialization process for your child’s innovative visions.

How do you help with product creation?

In the Innovator Module 2 program, we assist your child in discovering the ins and outs of product design. Our team of experts assists your child in conducting market research, product assembly, product validation, competition analysis, and the potential for profitability in their venture.  

Why is Innovation important?

Getting an early-start with STEAM-learning and actually innovating a product/service not only builds an impressive resume and kick-starts your child’s career in their chosen field it also takes your child through an extensive learning and developmental process that helps in imbibing skills that will be vital for them in the future

Why are STEAM skills important for children?

The STEAM-learning educational framework ensures that children can follow a future-forward path that ensures success and job-satisfaction in future gig economies and AI-dominated job markets. High-quality STEAM education is crucial in this era of large-scale AI and automation. Moreover, the STEAM framework is also shown to help children develop creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills as well.

What makes this program unique?

  • In-depth learning sessions with subject-matter experts.
  • Assistance in managing social media accounts for their products/business.
  • Learning sessions for conducting market research, SWOT analysis, competition analysis, and more.
  • Evaluations and assessments for a final confirmation of their ideas and products.

Why should you enroll your child in the Innovator Module2 program?

Our expert-led sessions not only help your child with conceptualizing their ideas into tangible products and businesses but also guide them through the processes of conducting in-depth research for their ideas and analyze their feasibility and profitability.

Moreover, the Innovator Module 2 is the second step in the larger Innovator program where we help your child create products and launch them on various e-commerce platforms.

  • Assistance with social media management
  • Direct interaction with highly-skilled subject-matter and product design experts
  • Thorough assessments with market research evaluations
  • Specialized product confirmation sessions including market surveys

Why does your child need the Innovator Module 2?

Learning the skills needed to innovate at an early age can help your child stay focused and engaged in their fields of interest. Moreover, the experience of analyzing the feasibility and market potential for their innovative ideas also imparts them with skills that will help them later professionally and educationally. 

What are the key features of the Innovator Module 2 Program?

  • 6 sessions with 30-40 hours of interactions with experts
  • Engaging interactions
  • Detailed assessments and evaluations
  • Pre and Post-enrolment sessions with children and parents
  • A report of your child’s journey and progression in this course 

Who is this course for?

  • Children between the ages 12-16
  • Children who have innovative ideas
  • Children looking to materialize their visions into tangible products and businesses
  • Children looking to innovate and give back to society with their creations


What sessions and subjects are included in the Innovator Module 2 program?

 The Innovator Module 2 program includes 6 expert sessions on the areas described below.


Session 1 – Social Media assistance -> We offer to create social media pages in the name of your child or his brand to promote his product. We also offer to build a website for your child that will showcase his project, entrepreneurship skills, personal achievements, and become an important part of his resume, and marketing tools. (Optional, Add-On) 

Session 2 – Learning sessions with subject-matter experts -> Here, your child undergoes 3 expert-led sessions to understand the different components of their project, product assembly, knowledge about the functions of different components, and the know-how to actually assemble and create their first product.

Session 3 – Product Validation -> Here, your child creates reports on their product idea in the following stages –

  • Market research
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Product Analysis: Compare existing products on Amazon/Alibaba/online
  • Competitive Feature Analysis:  Compare existing products online
  • Profitability analysis

Session 4 – Ideation and Product Confirmation -> Here, our team of experts evaluate your child’s work and take a collective call to either finalize or rework on idea validation. If your child’s research is complete and the product idea is validated, your child moves on to Session 5. If not, we repeat session 3 to help your child come up with a different idea for a product.

Session 5 – Finalizing product confirmation + Small market survey -> Here, your child creates a short survey form to be filled by their friends, family, and peers, to verify market and product acceptance. This session also helps them in spreading the word about their project and creates a pre-launch “buzz” for the same.  

Session 6 – Product Report -> Here, your child creates a comprehensive report about their product, their research, market potential, audience acceptance and more. Our experts then confirm whether your child is ready to move on to Innovator Module 3 to create the first prototype for their product. 

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