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Module 1 | Builder Program

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Welcome to Moonshot Junior’s Builder Module 1.

Does your child have a knack for entrepreneurship? Does your child dream of creating products and running businesses?

The first module of Moonshot Junior’s flagship Builder program is the penultimate step in your child’s journey of self-discovery and success with Moonshot Junior. This module aims to become the foundation of your child’s entrepreneurial growth.

How do you foster entrepreneurship?

In the Builder Module 1 program, we assist your child in conceiving and conceptualizing their entrepreneurial ideas into products that can be later turned into a tangible business. With a little assistance from us, your child conceptualizes their products depending on their interests and turns their bright visions into reality.

Why is entrepreneurship important?

Getting an early-start with entrepreneurship not only builds an impressive resume and kick-starts your child’s career in their chosen field it also takes your child through an extensive learning and developmental process that helps in imbibing skills that will be vital for them in the future

Why are STEAM skills important for children?

The STEAM-learning educational framework ensures that children can follow a future-forward path that ensures success and job-satisfaction in future gig economies and AI-dominated job markets. High-quality STEAM education is crucial in this era of large-scale AI and automation. Moreover, the STEAM framework is also shown to help children develop creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills as well.

What makes this program unique?

  • Detailed questionnaires and assessments to help children discover their interests.
  • A strong focus on guiding children through self-discovery by integrating learning with play.
  • Direct one-to-one interactions with both parents and children to help them zero-in on their innovative ideas.
  • Specialized focus on encouraging hands-on inquiry, collaboration, and open exploration.

Why should you enroll your child in the Builder Module 1 program?

Our expert-led sessions enable your child to zero-in on a particular field or area of interest and review the feasibility of their innovative ideas. Even if your child doesn’t have anything particular in mind, our dedicated team of educators, subject-matter experts, and industry leaders wholeheartedly guide your child through exploring various possible project ideas based on their interests, age, involvement, and capabilities.
Moreover, the Builder Module 1 is the first step in the larger Builder program where we help your child create products from their ideas and launch them on various e-commerce platforms.

  • Detailed orientation and introduction modules
  • Direct interaction with highly-skilled instructors and experts
  • Thorough assessments with talent discovery elements
  • Specialized ideation sessions with experts
  • The opportunity to take your child’s innovative and entrepreneurial ideas further and turn them into tangible products, services, and businesses

Why does your child need the Builder Module 1?

Professional and Educational Development -  Learning the skills needed to run businesses at an early age can help your child stay focused and engaged in their fields of interest. Moreover, the experience of coming up with entrepreneurial ideas and evaluating their feasibility helps them build skills that help them professionally and educationally.   

Self-Discovery – The Builder Module 1’s specially designed sessions encourage your child to explore a wide variety of STEAM-based subjects and project ideas that can help them discover what they want to do in life in regards to their career.

What are the key features of the Builder Program?

  • 4 sessions with 15-20 hours of interactions with experts
  • Engaging interactions
  • Detailed assessments and evaluations
  • Pre and Post-enrolment sessions with children and parents
  • A report of your child’s journey and progression in this course

Who is this course for?

  • Children between the ages 12-16
  • Children who have entrepreneurial ideas
  • Children looking to materialize their visions into tangible products and businesses
  • Children looking to start a business and give back to society with their creations

 What sessions and subjects are included in the Builder program?

The Builder Module 1 program includes 4 expert sessions on the areas described below.

Session 1 – Introduction and Orientation -> Here, your child is briefed on the Builder program along with an introduction to Moonshot Junior, our team, our vision, and our philosophy.

Session 2 – Detailed Assessments via Questionnaires -> Here, your child expresses their unique ideas and their passions and interests.  

Session 3 – Evaluation -> Here, your child’s questionnaires are evaluated by a team of experts who check the feasibility of their ideas. Moreover, if your child doesn’t have any particular innovative idea, our team helps them discover various projects they could possibly work on.

Session 4 – Ideation Sessions -> Here, you and your child interact with our team to discuss their innovative ideas to zero-in on a particular product or service your child is interested in creating.

Bonus Session -> Here, your child has an opportunity to take their unique ideas further by engaging in the Builder program’s advanced modules to actually create products that can be launched on e-commerce platforms.


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