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The best thing about this course is it takes the product-first approach and comes with a lot of real-life examples which makes it easy to understand.

The course talks about major online marketing platforms and by the end of the course, you’ll be capable enough to design your own online marketing plan and will have tools to execute it.

Expectations and Goals

The course will start with an introduction to various types of online marketing and answer the question of why we need to understand online marketing to create a successful business. Further, we will deep-dive in each of the types with real file example and towards the end, we will learn how to create a Marketing plan.

  1. Introduction to online marketing
  2. How to create a website/store online
  3. How to create pre-launch buzz
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Social Media marketing
  6. Google Marketing (PPC)
  7. Youtube Marketing
  8. Influencer & Affiliate Marketing
  9. Meme Marketing
  10. Content Marketing
  11. Tracking with Google Analytics
  12. Designing a Marketing Plan

Required Materials

Throughout the course, each session will display a list of required materials needed for that session. In all of the sessions, you will need

  • Laptop with an active internet connection

Course Schedule 




Session 1

Introduction to online marketing

Note Pad

Session 2

How to create a website/store online

Note Pad

Session 3

How to create pre-launch buzz

Note Pad

Session 4

Email Marketing

Gmail account

Session 5

Social Media marketing

Facebook/Instagram account

Session 6

Google Marketing (PPC)

Google ads account

Session 7

Youtube Marketing

Youtube channel

Session 8

Influencer & Affiliate Marketing

Note Pad

Session 9

Meme Marketing

Note Pad

Session 10

Content marketing

Note Pad

Session 11

Tracking with Google Analytics

Google Analytics account

Session 12

Designing an Online Marketing Plan

Note Pad

Overview and Descriptions

  • Introduction to online marketing
    • The Session will give a brief overview of why online marketing plays a key role in running a successful business and talks about various types of online marketing
  • How to create a website/store online
    • Once you have a product in mind, this session tells you how to build & set up a store online with minium coding expertise, and the importance of selling your product/service online
  • How to create pre-launch buzz
    • The session talks about the pre-launch buzz and how to build excitement around your launch
  • Email Marketing
    • Why Email marketing is important, how to build an email list, how to design effective emails and how to write effective subject lines
  • Social Media marketing
    • The session talks about various social media platforms and talks about the importance of each in detail
  • Google Marketing (PPC)
    • The session talks about google ads and their types, it also talks about how to define a target group and set up an ad campaign.
  • Youtube Marketing
    • The session talks about how to use youtube effectively, creating a channel, youtube thumbnails, Monetization, youtube ads, and youtube Analytics
  • Influencer & Affiliate Marketing
    • Introduction to Influencer and Affiliate marketing, how to effectively use these mediums, how to enroll your product for affiliate marketing, how to get the right influencers to promote your product/service
  • Meme Marketing
    • Meme marketing- a new trend in the digital age, understand the basics of what meme marketing is and how to use it to your advantage
  • Content Marketing
    • How to create clever and targetted content to reach the right audience, how to set up a blog on your website and how to use it to your advantage
  • Tracking with Google Analytics
    • The session talks about using google analytics to track visitors on your website, track traffic from various sources and analyze the effectiveness of advertising 
  • Designing a Marketing Plan
    • The final session talks about how to design an online marketing plan, define an audience, define budget and goals.

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