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Explorer Advanced | Robotics

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Description: The Robotics course is perfect for children with an inclination towards engineering and robotics. With over 20 hours of expert sessions, children get to learn about the robotics industry, educational paths, career options, and skill-sets that serve as solid foundations for a future career in the field of robotics. The Explorer Advanced Robotics course comes with a series of assessments, lessons, and sessions to help children discover how exactly to approach this field educationally and professionally. 

Key Features:

  • The engineering design process
  • How to do basic programming
  • How to analyze data using sensor feedback
  • How to problem solve and follow building guides
  • How to innovate and build a completely new LEGO robot
  • At least one robot that can complete a given challenge
  • Different building and programming approaches for problem solving

Course Outcome: Learn basic application of sensors such as gyroscope, tachometer, touch and color sensors, accelerometer, etc. Program and run a simple robot.

55 mins Class Duration | 3-9 Class Size |  Ages 12-16 


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