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Explorer Advanced | Pre-robotics (Raspberry Pi)

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Learning to develop an Internet of Things - from an idea to a complete product - Hardware and Software

You have an idea where you wish you could develop home automation or any other IoT product from scratch.   Learn how to take that idea, build a prototype, develop the necessary software and complete product. Leverage the use of  Raspberry Pi for learning. 

This is an overview of the total hardware and software development process cycle to develop a complete product. 

Expectations and Goals

The course will start with an idea for a hardware product and develop an understanding of the hardware and software throughout the progress of the course.

  1. Research - Learn how to research an idea and a product. 
  2. Hardware Development process and stages. List of steps
  3. Creating a Hardware Prototype - tools and resources required. 
  4. Learn how to read a Block and Schematics Diagram
  5. Schematics, Layout Mechanical Enclosures
  6. Programming Raspberry Pi 
  7. Using Sania box for and Example programs
  8. Learn Python and Linux basics
  9. Entrepreneurship - Finishing the product and taking it to the next level and selling product. 

Required Materials

Throughout the course, each session will display a list of required materials needed for that session. In all of the sessions, you will need

  • Laptop with an active internet connection
  • Raspberry Pi with all accessories. The Saniabox embedded computer is recommended but not essential.
  • A multimeter, desirable but not essential.

Course Schedule 




Session 1

Introduction. Product Research. Hardware Development Life Cycle, Prototype a Hardware, Read Schematics, Layout, Hardware Design Tools. Enclosure design ( In the end a quick Pi LED glowing demo)

Research Products. Understanding Hardware Design Flow

Session 2

Programming Raspberry Pi environment, Hello World, wifi connections, Understanding Electronics, Resistors, Diode, Transistors, ICs.  

Set up Environment, Connections

Session 3

Sania Box Application programs

LED, push button, 7 Segment Display

Session 4

Learning Python #1

Some common Syntax, variables, assignment operators

Session 5

Sania Box Application programs continued

Thermal Sensor,  Light Sensor, buzzer

Session 6

Linux Command Line 

Run common Commands 

Session 7

Learning Python #2

For loop, if the loop

Session 8

Sania Box Application programs continued

A/D Converter, Touch Sensor, Light Sensor,  Gas Sensor

Session 9

Learning Python #3

Advanced Topics

Session 10

Pi Sensor and Communicating to App - App development and Pi 

Advanced Topics

Session 11

Pi Projects

Advanced Topics

Session 12

A real-life Innovator Project 

Ready for an Innovation?

Overview and Descriptions

  • Introduction, Product Research, Hardware Design topics, Hello World program
    • Talk about how a product is potentially required by potential customers. How to research it and narrow ideas down.
    • Discuss the Hardware Design Flow and steps.
    • What is Schematics? Able to read a Schematics
      • Discuss Raspberry Pi Connector Pin Out
      • Details of Saniabox Schematics as an example
    • Hardware Layout and Design
      • Talk about tools used for Schematics and Layout
      • Mechanical Enclosures, tools, 3D Design and 3D Printers
      • Prototype and testing 
    • End the session showing a Hello World and LED blinking example to generate interest. 

  • Raspberry Pi Getting Started and Electronics
    • Set up Raspberry Pi for development, set up Wifi
    • Explain Hello world example and LED Blinking 
    • Electronics tutorial, Resistor, Diode, LED, Transistor
  • Sania Box Example programs
    • LED
    • LED Blinking
    • Push Button
    • 7 Segment Display Hardware
    • 7 Segment Display Software
  • Python #1
    • Python variables, assignments
    • For loop
    • While loop
  • Sania Box Example programs
    • Buzzer
    • Thermal Sensor 
    • Light Sensor
  • Python #2
    • Array
    • Function
    • String Processing 
    • Examples
  • Sania Box Example programs
    • A/D Converter
    • Touch Sensor
    • Thermal Sensor using A/D
  • Python #3
    • Advanced Topics
    • Examples
  • Pi Communication with App example 
    • App development introduction
  • Pi Project
    •  Pi Project 
  • Innovation Project
    •  Real Life Innovation  project

Product reviews