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Explorer Advanced | Google/Alexa Skill Building

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12 Sessions | 30-45 mins per Session |  Ages 12-16 


Voice as a new platform and User Interface - why and how to leverage to build innovative skills using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

We will cover the essentials of building apps (skills) for these dominant voice platforms including the nitty-gritty of the tools, tips, and hacks to learn to become an app developer within weeks! 

The course will cover an overview of this exciting subject. To learn more about a specific topic, reach out to us for more in-depth related courses.

Expectations and Goals

The course will provide an overview of voice apps and introduce students who are new to this growing platform. Over the duration, of course, we will get into details on start with an idea for an app and will and continue with the app development throughout the progress of the course.

  1. Overview - What is ‘Voice-as-a-new User Interface’  and why should I care? 
  2. What is Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant (plus Siri, Cortana, etc.) 
  3. The role of hardware in working in voice apps/skills - which platform to choose?
  4. What are Skills, Actions, Commands and who builds them and an overview of their inner workings 
  5. How do I choose - Amazon, Google or Apple ecosystem to start learning and building voice apps?
  • We will cover Accuracy, NLP/AI, Contextual awareness and more! 
  • How do voice app developers make money and market dynamics, trends I know be aware of 
  • Skills programming and Prototype - Learn how to turn your idea into design, program, and prototype 
  • Development and Development Tools - Learn how to develop the app and what tools are available to use
  • App stores: We will cover two in particular- Alexa and Assistant marketplaces. 
  • Various use-cases and how to choose which ones you want to tackle
  • Teamwork and Releases - Learn how to work in a team and launch, manage and update the app
  • Entrepreneurship - Learn how to efficiently advertise your app, get funded and more!

Required Materials

Throughout the course, each session will display a list of required materials needed for that session. In all of the sessions, you will need

  • Laptop with an active internet connection
  • Highly recommended- A google Assistant speaker (any kind) and/or Amazon Alexa device
  • Preferred to have both a Google Android device to quick testing

Course Schedule 




Session 1

Voice Apps, skills- an introduction


A closer look at Alexa and Assistant ecosystems

A comparison and analysis 

Hardware and its role for this new UI 

A closer look at the players involved

Session 2

Voice Assistant (VA) app - terms and more (Actions, Skills, Routines, etc.)

Building blocks

Before building your app- which platform to choose App Development Tools

Developing tools

The business of Voice apps- a detailed analysis and tips/tricks 

Developing hacks

Session 3

Hands-on-  Introduction to the framework and platform involved, building your first apps, prototype, and testing

Build and Test

Session 4

How to deploy, launch and stress test your app

Launch your app

Advanced topics - how to maximize UX, tips/tricks and advertise your app

User experience through voice

Session 5

Build alone or with a team- pros and cons

App Store Launch

App Store features/analytics

Manage and Update App

Product reviews